Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's the Buzz

Biggest crowd I've seen out here in months! There is a definite feeling of excitement and optimism in the air. One of the themes I'm hearing is how the new track will be playing. A friend and handicapper from Canada said, judging by how fast the works have been, the new track looks like it will be pretty speedy. Others are saying that the increase in temperature in the afternoon will slow it down -- much like what happened at Del Mar in 2007 when the Polytrack was new. And we are definitely looking at a warm up today. It is 70 degrees now, but going up to 94. it promises to be an interesting, and exciting, day at Oak Tree at Santa Anita!


Lucinda said...

Early bird! Pretty picture - what will tomorrow look like?

Mary Forney's Blog said...

You're in luck -- I'll be out there tomorrow morning to send you an update! Word has it that it will be even HOTTER tomorrow, by the way.

zraces said...

Times are quick, just right if it stays this way. It's 90 degrees, hot and sunny, not much change from morning judging by the times, Polymer, huh?

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