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Anonymous said...


I tried to send a message, but your message form doesn't seem to be working. My name is Marla Simpson and I'm working on an article for Case the Race on the campaign to save Hollywood Park. I would love to get your feedback for the article if possible. My email address is Thanks. -Marla

Anonymous said...

My wife and I would like to know if you have any updates on The Pamplemousse? We really liked him and were wondering if he was going to return to racing any time soon.

Mary Forney's Blog said...

Anonymous, I spoke to Alex Solis Jr. at Del Mar recently and he said The Pamplemousse is doing well. They are still planning to send him up north for the winter in the snow, which is supposed to be very good for tendons. I will keep you posted on this blog when I get more information. Thanks for reading! Mary

Anonymous said...

ask Greg Gilchrist about his hidden Maria's Mon 2 year old......heard she is AWESOME!!!! PLEASE POST YOUR FINDINGS!

Ray mumme said...


I would like to talk with you about a product for your horses it will keep them calmer, and they will come back from injury much quicker.
It has to do with releaseing there adult stem cells.

Amazing product for humans, horses and dogs + more.

lookingbears said...

During the cool down it sure looks like zenyatta is coming up lame. I hope not. (right front leg)

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about Quality Road's meltdown in the airplane?
He was removed after he tore it up. Still at SA.
He was supposed to go back to NY.
Think he needs his old trainer back?
Have you ever seen an Assmussen horse act that way in the gate?
T.Pletcher now has the dubious distinction of have had the only horse ever to be a gate scratch at the BC, plus having had one break down (Fleet Indian).

Frank Panucci said...

I don't think Assmussen could help, Pletcher is still the better trainer, horse is a head case and I think will head to retirement.

Dinah said...

Hi Mary,
I'm working on a research project correlating racehorse breeding with injuries incurred while racing and was wondering what, other than an injury, would cause a horse to be eased in the stretch.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,

Any news re. The Pamplemousse? Will he be able to run again?

Thanks in advance - I really enjoy your blog,

Unknown said...

“Her gallops have been very strong,” said Asmussen, who trains
Rachel Alexandra for owners Jess Jackson and Harold McCormick.
“She’s not 100% fit for this and we’re aware of that. She’s had six works
in six months. But she’s a very physical horse; she is Rachel.”

Are u kidding me I am thinking to myself, why would he say this in public???? First off RA is an amazing horse it is just that Zenyatta is the Greatest EVER, second off don't make public excuses in advance...sigh....miss your videos :) xoxoxo from Maine

No Turf Guru said...

Mary great site,
How unfortunate that the creeps who set up the gossip site "turf trash talk" use your site to promote theirs! Check out the comment on Feb 26th 2010!

Anonymous said...

who would name a horse "The Grapefruit" ? (Pampelmousse. in case you didn't know)
Owners are so dumb !

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

WE'RE LOOKING FOR STEVE VALDEZ PRVIOUSLeY A JOCKEY IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. He WAS AT CHURCHILL DOWNS A FEW YEARS AGO. .He is an old friend from Humboldt county when he raced the Ferndale race during county fairs.has anyone seen him recently?

Anonymous said...

california crud its all bull shit

Jessica Boyd said...

Hello, Mary.

I was wondering very recently about blog coverage of the California racing scene, glad to find you. I'm up in Northern CA with two retired racehorses in the family.

Are you involved at all, or do you have any interest in, helping to promote these smart, beautiful athletes as they transition to other careers off the track? It is a subject near and dear to my heart, as you might guess.

You can find me at my blog by clicking on my name below. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My name is Brad Kleven I live in Arizona I was part of the family that owned Sangue. I am trying to reach Henry Moreno can you please pass this email to him. thank you!!! Brad 602-459-3300

Mary Forney's Blog said...

Sure, Brad. Be happy to! I will probably see him tomorrow morning. Mary

Anonymous said...

Hello Mary

My name is Dennis Jackson, yesterday was Christmas Eve a very happy day for my family and I. while I was waiting for my daughters
to arrive I was watching TVG and saw that Henry Moreno, my friend,
second father and mentor had passed away. My day turned into sadness as I had not known of his passing. I have known Henry for
45 years and even though the last 10 we haven't talked much it was
nice knowing I could just pick up the phone and he would be there.
I feel that part of my youth has gone with his passing. I have looked
all over trying to fine something about his passing to no avail. My heart
goes out to his girls and family.

Mary Forney's Blog said...

Dennis, our Henry Moreno did not pass away! It was another Henry Moreno who used to be a jockey years ago. TVG made a huge mistake and put up the wrong photo. Merry Christmas. Mary

Anonymous said...

Mary, thank you so much for letting me know. I wonder when TVG will
correct that. I will be calling Henry soon. Merry Christmas to you too.

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