Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brad Penny and Buddies at Santa Anita

Brad Penny at Santa anitaLA Dodgers pitcher, Brad Penny (center), on a 60-day disabled list since September with an inflamed shoulder, was out at the track Friday afternoon with his brother (on Brad's left) and some friends to watch his filly, Synnin and Grinnin, who ran third in the fifth race.

Brad, who always gets super nervous before one of his horses runs, was actually pretty calm in the paddock. The last time Synnin and Grinnin ran - in the Daisycutter Handicap at Del Mar on Sept. 3, which she won - he was so nervous before the race he kept saying, "Feel my heart!" It was going 90 miles an hour!

Brad said he was looking forward to heading to Colorado Saturday morning with his brother and friends on an elk hunting trip. Hopefully, he'll get some much-needed R & R.

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Faluf said...

Maybe his nerves are directly related to how she runs. He should get nervous every time, so she knows how far she's supposed to win by!

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