Monday, November 3, 2008

Maryland Votes on Slots Tuesday

On Tuesday, voters in Maryland will decide whether or not to allow slot machines at their racetracks, when they vote on "Question 2."

Who Needs Slots?
Personally, I never wanted to see slot machines at racetracks. But at some point I realized the truth of the saying, "If you can't beat them, joint them!" No one would argue that Thoroughbred racing needs help these days, and many states have turned to slots for a much needed infusion of revenue. Racetracks in Maryland, including Laurel and Pimlico, have found it increasingly difficult to compete with racing in neighboring states that have slots.

Leveling the Playing Field
Maryland shares borders with three direct racing competitors - Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia - all of which have slots and, consequently, can offer purses that far outstrip those in Maryland.

Maryland-based stable and blogger That's Amore Stable presents a passionate and relevant argument in favor of Question 2.

Best of luck to my counterparts in Maryland!

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