Wednesday, February 11, 2009

JOCKEYS Continues on Animal Planet

Jockey Mike Smith at Santa Anita.

Those of you who enjoyed the premier of JOCKEYS as much as I did are no doubt looking forward to this week's installment on Friday, Feb. 13, at 9:00 PM (ET/PT) on Animal Planet. Two more half-hour episodes are scheduled.

In Episode 3, "At What Cost?" another young jockey arrives on the scene. Fresh from a string of victories in the Midwest, Brandon Meier hopes to build a racing career to rival that of his jockey father. But, like many of his fellow riders, Brandon must decide how far he will go to maintain his weight at a competitive level. Will he risk his health for success on the racetrack? And, after failing to find her way to the winners‘ circle, Kayla Stra faces a tough decision: should she continue to fight against the odds or pack it up and head home to Australia?

And in Episode 4, "Losing Grace," Mike Smith and Chantal Sutherland seek a balance between their competitive working lives and their attempt to create a home together. Things heat up between Joe Talamo and Aaron Gryder after Joe gets a win aboard a horse named for Aaron‘s daughter.

Here's a sneak preview of this week's show. Enjoy!


Sally said...

Brandon is quite the looker. Oh yeah I'll be tuned in on Friday!

Unknown said...

I thought you were going to TAKE A VACATION! Stop working - enjoy your garden!!! :)

Anonymous said...


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