Monday, March 30, 2009

The Pamplemousse: Good Looking AND Talented!

Last week The Pamplemousse tested his artistic talent by painting a picture with Sharla Sanders of Equine Expressions at trainer Julio Canani's barn at Santa Anita. I was in the Bay Area (at Golden Gate Fields) and couldn't be there in person, but I was able to get a copy of a video from CERF (California Equine Retirement Foundation), sponsors of Equine Expressions.

Equine Expressions' mission is to create artwork by renowned Thoroughbreds to raise funds to care for retired racehorses. The concept was developed by CERF after Re-Run (who create the "Moneighs") and CERF agreed to "split" the U.S. and focus on their respective coasts. According to Sanders, many of California's leading trainers have been very supportive of the project, including Canani, Doug O'Neill, Mike Mitchell, Dan Hendricks, Brian Koriner, and Richard Mandella. 100% of the proceeds go to the care and feeding of retired racehorses at CERF.

Paintings start at $300 and go up, depending on the horse. Top sellers have been paintings by Lava Man ($1,200) and The Tin Man ($1,500).

"I will paint with current and ex-racers, stallions at breeding farms, geldings, and someone's backyard racehorse," Sanders said. "If it's a horse, I will paint with it!" Rest assured that the horses are using non-toxic, water based paints. Sharla Sanders can be contacted at

Apparently The Pamplemousse is not only good looking and a talented runner, but artistic as well! Enjoy the video.


Superfecta said...

Brilliant! Was the other camera for local TV?

Mary Forney's Blog said...

Yes, HRTV I believe.

Sally said...

I wanted to see a shot of the painting at the end.

Sharla Sanders said...

Hi Sally!
Thank you for your interest I would be happy to share a finished photo with you. I am also happy to report also that both of the paintings that we did that day have already sold! Hopefully after The Pamplemousse has a break from his derby trail hunt...we can paint again.

LindaVA said...

Cute video! He's so well behaved!

Anonymous said...

He is so handsome - and getting still more handsome. Looks like such a nice horse.

Sharla Sanders said...

The Pamplemousse has since painted four more pictures for us. They are available for sale at

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