Friday, April 3, 2009

Pioneer of the Nile Schools for Santa Anita Derby

Pioneer of the Nile schooling at Santa Anita 3/2/09.

Impressive doesn't begin to describe how Derby hopeful Pioneer of the Nile looked schooling during the second race at Santa Anita Thursday. The colt looked spectacular -- all dappled and fit, nicely filled out, relaxed and very well behaved.

Pioneer of the Nile faces The Pamplemousse, Chocolate Candy, and seven other three-year-olds in the 72nd running of the Santa Anita Derby on Saturday, the final California prep race for the Kentucky Derby on May 2nd. In his last start, Pioneer of the Nile won the San Felipe Stakes for an enthusiastic St. Patrick's Day celebration crowd.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thank you for all of your videos. I really enjoy the chance to see all of these wonderful horses behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

I hope The Pamplemousse beats the heck out of Pioneer tomorrow, but I must admit that Pioneer looks great here. He very well could improve off his mediocre last race.

Sharla said...

He IS a fantastic looking colt, breathtaking in person. I am becoming more and more excited about this race. Two lovely colts (Pamplemousse) and wishing them all well!

Anonymous said...

The Pamplemousse looks better.

Anonymous said...

He looks just as relaxed as can be in that video!

The_Knight_Sky said...

Well it's about time we got a feature on Pioneer of the Nile.

I was beginning to think this was The Pamplemousse channel. ;-)

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