Monday, April 6, 2009

Zap! of the Week: Latest Top Ten Derby Picks

In light of the weekend's developments, I thought it was a good time to take a look at the Kentucky Derby contenders in a fresh light. Here's Larry Zap's top ten. I would personally move Pioneer of the Nile up a notch or two, but I haven't been following the non-California horses as closely as Zap. Want to weigh in? I've added a new poll so you can vote for your favorites! Enjoy.

Larry Zap's Kentucky Derby Top Ten

1. Quality Road - I'm sold.

2. Rachel Alexandra - freaky filly is as fast as the boys, love her
natural speed.

3. I Want Revenge - loves conventional dirt racing.

4. Pioneerof the Nile - learning how to win, much upside.

5. Fresian Fire - has the pedigree and ability.

6. Dunkirk - deserves a chance to compete, he's a runner.

7. Chocolate Candy - will love the distance, improving.

8. Mr. Hot Stuff - follow this guy, would love the distance.

9. Papa Clem - should love Oaklawn, improving.

10. Musket Man - starting to believe in this underdog.

Zap is known as "the eye" for being able to measure quality in thoroughbred racehorses, and is practically a fixture at Southern California tracks. He has a deep appreciation for quality horses, music, movies, live performance, and comedy. Zap co-hosts Race and Sports Radio every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 AM (pst) on San Diego's XX Sports Radio (1090 AM) and online at .


The_Knight_Sky said...

Larry wrote:
4. Pioneerof the Nile - learning how to win, much upside.

He's won four in a row now.
How much more does he have to learn? ;-)

But seriously, he's never tried real dirt.
And that will be a huge question mark on the Triple Crown trail. A whole new ballgame from here on in. Lots of luck to the clear-cut leader out west.

Sally said...

Glad to see Mr. Hot Stuff on his list. I thought he and Rail Trip were the most impressive looking horses that raced on Saturday. Mr. Hot Stuff was a mighty pretty sight.

Anonymous said...

Either my eyes are very tired or your percentages (in the vote) sum to more thena 100%, Mary.

Mary Forney's Blog said...

You're right! It looks like it's calculating based on 24 total votes (listed at bottom as "votes so far") but there are actually a lot more votes than that. It's a blogger poll, so hopefully it will adjust and correct itself.

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