Monday, May 11, 2009

Hip Number 1

The May 2-Year-Old Sale at Barretts in Pomona, CA just got under way!

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Anonymous said...

There are nice, good horse - but when will we true greatness again? A Triple Crown winner - and one setting records. Or even just new records for any one of the Triple Crown races?Secretariat was not heavily inbred, am I not right? So maybe less inbreeding and more outbreeding ("hybrid") vigour is what is needed? More speed too - as I recall Secretariat had his set of detractors not believing he had any value because of his Bold Ruler blood and powerful, low hind quarters. Also, Secretariat by conformation looked a lot different from by far most thoroughbreds now in another aspect - his pastern - straight, whereas so many have very slanted pasterns now. Just wondering why do people not try to breed horses w Secretariat's conformation?

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