Monday, July 6, 2009

Women's Horse Industry Association Membership Exploding

To women like myself, who have been working in the horse racing industry for many years, this is long overdue! When news of the formation of the Women's Horse Industry association and website came to my attention a few weeks ago, I went online and joined immediately -- taking advantage of the limited time offer of free enrollment.

Now, thanks to help from several publications and women networking, The Women's Horse Industry recently announced that since the inception of the association hundreds of women have signed on as members.

"We thought the association was a good idea and something that was really needed. Now, women in all areas of the horse industry can connect with one another and start making friends and doing business," said Catherine Masters, Executive Director.

The variety and scope of the women who have joined is pretty impressive with just about everything you can imagine listed. There are farms, trainers, jockeys, racetracks, breeders for all kinds of horses (even mules), support services, authors, syndicates, handicappers, equipment dealers, vets, equine massage companies, attorneys, accountants, publications, horse associations and more! Each day new categories are added to accommodate new members products and services.

If you have products or horses to sell or want to promote your company, this is the place to do it. The association's website is getting a substantial number of hits daily and organizers expect those numbers to continue to rise as more and more women join and visit to get the latest news and information.

There has also been quite a bit of interest from outside the USA and a companion association, the International Women's Horse Industry Association, is getting ready to launch worldwide. Memberships give access to both association and their members.

"Our mission is pretty simple. We want to help women working in the horse industry connect with one another for more business, information and friendships. From the phone calls we are receiving to the emails we are getting, we know that's happening," adds VP Debby Lening.

For additional information on the Women's Horse Industry Association, visit their website or call (615) 730-7833.


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