Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Interview with Track Announcer Frank Mirahmadi

On a recent trip to the Big Fresno Fair, I had a chance to visit one of California's well-known track announcers, Frank Mirahmadi, in his rooftop announcer's booth, where he graciously allowed me to videotape an interview.

Racecaller Frank MirahmadiRace caller, Frank Mirahmadi, in the announcer's booth at The Big Fresno Fair.

Mirahmadi, who often entertains race fans with celebrity impression race calls,
has called races at tracks across the country, including Hialeah Park, Louisiana Downs, and Ruidoso Downs (where he called the All American Futurity in 1999). Currently he calls races for the California Authority of Racing Fairs (CARF).

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