Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Interview with HANA's Theresia Muller

On a visit to Santa Anita for Breeders' Cup, Theresia Muller, Treasurer of Horseplayers Association of North America (HANA), spoke about the organization and its goals. HANA is a grass roots, non-profit organization made up of horseplayers who are seeking to bring racing back to the prominence it once held in people's hearts on a national level.

Their stated goals include open access to all track signals for all ADWs, takeouts that are competitive with other forms of gambling, the abolishment of breakage, severe penalties for trainers who cheat, and odds updates in real time. To accomplish those goals, HANA is working to increase recognition of the players and their input by those who run racing.

Obviously a passionate horseplayer, Muller also talked about her handicapping methods. When I followed up with her after the Breeders' Cup weekend, she reported that she had been "moderately successful" with her wagering.

"Saturday was much more lucrative for me than Friday, highlighted with wins by Vale of York in the Juvenile and Smart Bid in the Damascus," said Muller. "And for me its very satifying nailing a longshot or two on Breeders' Cup day (also makes my getting up early each morning to hit Clockers Corner worth it)."

She thought the Breeders' Cup card was pretty good overall, with the undercard stakes on both days being good complements. And there were "plenty of exciting finishes and amazing performances, topped off by of course the phenomenal experience of watching Zenyatta."

Muller, who heads out to Southern California two to three times a year, plans to be back for the Hollywood Park Turf Festival on Thanksgiving weekend. Here's wishing the best of luck to her and horseplayers everywhere!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mary, HANA is a member of our gang and has some good ideas. Thanks to Theresia.


The_Knight_Sky said...

A very nice piece (again). It's good to see the continued growth of HANA year after year. Hoping they'll continue to "stand and deliver".

A shout out to rwwupl also. When is SAX going to revert to the much needed dirt track?

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