Monday, December 19, 2011

Luck's John Ortiz fits right in at the racetrack

John Ortiz with trainer Julio Canani at Clockers’ Corner, Santa Anita

Actor John Ortiz is often spotted at Clockers’ Corner these days, diligently soaking up the sights, sounds and unique ambiance of a training morning at Santa Anita Racetrack. Ortiz is obviously deeply immersed in his role in the highly anticipated new HBO series, Luck. In the series, he plays trainer Turo Escalante – a character fashioned after real-life trainer and racetrack character Julio Canani.

HBO viewers were treated to a sneak preview on Dec. 11 of what promises to be another great show from writer/producer David Milch (of Deadwood fame) and director Michael Mann. The series premiers on Sunday, Jan. 29.

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zraces said...

He acts JUST LIKE Julio in the Pilot. Scary.

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