Sunday, September 30, 2012

Zenyatta Statue Unveiled at Santa Anita

The statue of the great mare is unveiled before adoring fans!

Artist Nina Kaiser with Ann Moss

"Captured to perfection in her signature post-race curtsy, head bowed and right hoof pawing the ground, the mighty Zenyatta was unveiled in magnificent bronze Saturday at noon before an enthusiastic coterie of fans in the south quadrant of Santa Anita’s Kingsbury Memorial Fountain area, directly across from a replica of another turf legend, John Henry.

"Enduring uncharacteristically hot weather, the crowd roared its approval when the life-sized sculpture by Nina Kaiser was uncovered, a full 1200 pounds and 17.2 hands high, conforming with Zenyatta’s physical measurements." - Ed Golden, Santa Anita Stable Notes

If you haven't had a chance to see the magnificent statue, it is well worth the trip to Santa Anita. It is truly life-like and  imposing, inspiring nearly the same awe as looking at the great mare herself.


Dell Yount said...

Thank you, Mary Forney!
We were there opening day
and she was still under wraps.
You photos are truly wonderful
and I can't wait to see Ms. Kaiser's
artistic expression of "Zenyatta" up close.

Here is a link to my shots
from the day before the unveiling...

I am linking your story @ UpInClass.
Would love to meet up at morning works sometime.

Mary Forney's Blog said...

Thanks, Dell. Love to catch up with you at Clockers' Corner!

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