Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nature Provides Another Drainage Test for Santa Anita Pro-Ride

On the heels of last week's drainage test conducted by Santa Anita using a sprinkler system, nature provided its own version last night. A steady rainfall throughout much of the night dumped at least an inch and a half of rain on the Pro-Ride synthetic surface. After a break in the weather that coincided with training hours this morning, the rain continued to fall sporadically in Arcadia today.

As shown in the video, taken this morning, the Pro-Ride surface seems to have handled the rain beautifully. According to Santa Anita general manager, George Haines, the water drained very well. The track was harrowed during the training break, after which it looked like it hadn't rained at all.


zraces said...

Wow, maybe we can train and race this winter. Something to be very thankful for today!

Anonymous said...

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