Thursday, December 4, 2008

An Interview with Vic Stauffer, Hollywood Park Track Announcer

Vic Stauffer
has been Hollywood Park's track announcer since April, 2001. In more than 20 years as a track announcer, Stauffer has called races at Detroit Race Course, Gulfstream Park, Hialeah Park, Hawthorne Race Course, The Woodlands, Aksarban, Golden Gate Fields, and the Northern California fairs.

Stauffer is a native of Southern California, no doubt an influence in his unique, relaxed style of race calling. He manages to sound cool and calm, while at the same time emotionally invested in each race -- no easy feat for someone who must call up to 9 or 10 races a day, and more on big stakes days.

During a race, the track announcer has to be able to quickly identify each entrant, having memorized the names of each of the horses and jockeys in the few minutes of the post parade. In addition, he is responsible for a number of various other announcements informing patrons of such things as scratches, rider changes, and special equipment. In this video interview, Stauffer discusses his particular method.

Also in this video, Stauffer reflects on what has become one of racing's best known race calls -- during an earthquake that hit Southern California during Hollywood Park's second race on June 16, 2005. Amazingly, Stauffer never skipped a beat or lost his cool during the race, which ended with, "Pleasant Thunder, Dark Beauty, these two come to the wire in a shaker!" Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Cool. I added this to the videos on

Patrick J Patten said...
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Patrick J Patten said...

Cool. All of Mary Forney's videos immediately appear at the TBA homepage ( We're lucky to have such a well connected member.

Ahmad RaShad Mallard said...

I remember the earthquake at Hollywood Park. I was there that day to root for Kerwin John and Dark Beauty. Great Race, but even better race call.

Anonymous said...

Great video!
Here's video of that race on youtube:

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