Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Comes to Clockers' Corner

How do you know it's winter in Southern California? When Julio Canani's winter fur hat appears, of course!

This morning at Clockers' Corner, I asked Canani if I could take a picture of him in the hat that has become a winter icon on cold mornings at Santa Anita. Although the day dawned with a pretty good chill in the air -- in the 40's (brrrrrr!) -- the temperature was up to 64 degrees by 8:30 a.m. While the rest of the country is dealing with REAL winter weather (including New Orleans, Louisiana, where Fairgrounds canceled its racing program today because of a rare snowstorm), we cling to whatever indicators we can find of the change of seasons.

Although he may look like he's from the Great White North in his fur hat, Canani is a native of Peru who came to the United States in 1963 and took out his trainer's license in 1968. He has trained numerous stakes winners, including Amorama, Blackdoun, Hyperbaric, Silic, Ladies Din, Tranquility Lake, and Tuzla. He is 6th leading trainer at the current Hollywood Park meet, through 12/10/08.


Cheryl Ann said...

Yes, isn't it funny how we, in Southern California, complain when it gets to 40 degrees? My husband, who is from western Pennsylvania, says 40 degrees on a winter day there is like summer! I guess we ARE spoiled! Love your blog! I grew up in Arcadia, about a mile away from Santa Anita, up in the "Rancho" area. My great-uncle worked for Anita Baldwin.

Mary Forney's Blog said...

Cheryl, thanks for nice comments. I love your blogs, and the beautiful photos of the California desert. My parents used to take us out to Joshua Tree for winter vacations, and I fell in love with the high desert, especially the jumbo rocks area. These days I live very close to Santa Anita, and run in the mornings through the "Rancho" area where you grew up... small world. Would love to hear more about your great uncle who worked for Anita Baldwin, as I am a bit of a nut about the history of California racing!

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