Friday, May 1, 2009

Who Do You Like for The Kentucky Derby?

I couldn't resist taking a random poll at Santa Anita this morning. Now, if I follow the Richard Dreyfuss method (from the movie Let it Ride), and eliminate all the picks I gathered, it still leaves me with West Side Bernie, Musket Man, Advice, Mine that Bird, Join the Dance, Regal Ransom, Chocolate Candy, General Quarters, Atomic Rain, Dunkirk, Summer Bird, Nowhere to Hide, Desert Party and Flying Pirate!

Hopefully you have a saner method for picking your Derby winner... Happy handicapping and good luck to everyone betting the Derby!


Mark Ripple said...

1. Hold Me Back
2. Chocolate Candy
3. West Side Bernie

Good luck!

Mark Ripple
Handicapping the Wall Street Way

Janosita said...

Wow - what a race, what a win by Mine That Bird ! He ran great, what a spurt along the rail, weaving between horses and sprinting away past Pioneer of the Nile et al. It was a great shame The Pamplemousse, I Want Revenge, and Quality Road couldn't be there, too - but we got a good derby. The winner didn't just win by chance (as someone inevitably has to win, no matter how depauperate the field becomes when the best horses are scratched). Mine That Bird won because he was the best horse that day - I saw the film captured from the air - it looked as if he ran twice as fast as the other horses in the stretch.

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