Monday, June 29, 2009

Hollywood Park is First California Track to Receive SAIA Accreditation

Hollywood Park, Inglewood, Calif.

The National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) announced that Hollywood Park has been fully accredited by the NTRA Safety and Integrity Alliance following a complete review of all racing operations at the facility.

Hollywood Park is the fifth racing facility to be so designated by the Alliance, the accreditation being the culmination of a lengthy certification process that began with the track’s completion of a 48-page written application and continued as Hollywood Park hosted several meetings with Alliance officials. The on-site review included inspections of all facets of the racing facility, and interviews with track executives, racetrack personnel, jockeys, owners, trainers, stewards, regulators and fans.

Noteworthy findings at Hollywood included best practices in areas including equine ambulance services and equipment; participation in a groundbreaking training injury study coordinated by Drs. Jeff Blea and Wayne McIlwraith; and participation in track surface studies coordinated by Dr. Mick Peterson.

According to Mike Ziegler, Executive Director of the NTRA Safety and Integrity Alliance, Hollywood Park exceeded recommended Alliance benchmarks in several areas.

The Alliance, formed last October with the goal of establishing national uniform standards in the areas of safety and integrity, includes 55 racetracks in North America and every major national horsemen’s organization. Alliance certification standards cover five broad areas: injury reporting and prevention; creating a safer racing environment; aftercare and transition of retired racehorses; uniform medication, testing and penalties; and safety research.

Way to go, Hollywood Park!

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Theodore L. Grevelis said...

While I think it's great for Hollywood to have earned this accreditation, the time and money spent by both sides in order to achieve it may have been better spent in trying to find ways to keep it open and racing rather than closed and plowed under.

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