Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Zenyatta Working at Hollywood Park

Zenyatta works at Hollywood Park, 6/13/09.

I was coming out of the track kitchen with some friends after breakfast on a cool, overcast Saturday morning, when we were stopped dead in our tracks by the sight of a magnificent, black horse being ponied out to the track. I don't often recognize a horse on sight, but at that point I immediately gasped, "Zenyatta!"

It's hard to miss the big, flashy mare -- not so much by looks, but by the way she carries herself, as if she is the Queen of Hollywood Park. And rightly so; the undefeated champion has won half of her races at the track of the lakes and flowers.

After following her to the track, we were able to stand near trainer John Shirreffs and watch her beautiful work. Enjoy the video!

All eyes will be on Zenyatta Saturday when she tries for number six at Hollywood Park -- and number 11 in all -- in the Grade 1 Vanity Handicap. They will have trouble looking away!

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