Friday, September 4, 2009

Zenyatta vs. Rachel Alexandra: Another Viewpoint

Conor Foley of Darley Racing offers his opinion on the question... Would you like to see a match race between the two superstar fillies Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra? And if so, who do you think would win?


The Chalk Eating Weasel said...

I would not want to see a match race. I don't think it would prove anything other than the filly with the quicker turn of foot, Rachel, would beat the filly who needs time to build up steam, Zenyatta.

I would prefer to seem them carded in the same race at a location that would be fair to both horses. Belmont Park seems to fill the bill for that, but a later race in KY could also be a viable alternative.

Need to be careful to have a competitive field for the two to run against so that the race doesn't become a match race with obstacles.

D.S. Williamson said...

Rachel is quicker at take off and Zenyatta would have time to build up steam. My understanding of the question was do you want to see a race between the two, not as part of a competitive field. That in itself, could become a race with obstacles. D.S. Williamsom

Anonymous said...

I would NOT want to see another 2 horse field match, however, with both fillies entered into an open race as depicted above, at for instance, Belmont Park, where "true" racing luck or obstacles could come into play...that I'd like to see. For all we know, neither could be in the money, or both could even dead-heat! One can only surmise but the imagination is unlimited in possibilities.

Regardless of whether or not they ever hook up, both are in a league all their own, and both are absolutely sensational and deserving of honor and praise! Why must we humans render one better then the other, why can't they just be apples and oranges? In this case, they could both be apples, but why steal one's thunder of accomplishment by having to "find out for sure" in one instance, who would beat who. Whatever happened to the intrigue of mystery? Why can't we humans be content would be a better question? Thanks for the post, S.J. Koster

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