Monday, October 5, 2009

Hollywood Comes to Santa Anita: 90210 on Location

Lights! Camera! Action! The cast and crew of "90210" were on location today at Santa Anita filming an upcoming episode of the popular teen drama airing on The CW.

90210 at Santa Anita
Santa Anita has long been a favorite location for Hollywood film companies. Much of the movie Seabiscuit was filmed at the historic Arcadia track, as well as numerous television shows and commercials. Even non-horse-related films have been filmed at the iconic venue, including scenes from the movie "Bobby" that used the track's main kitchen to represent the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles where Sen. Robert Kennedy was assassinated.

90210 shooting at Santa Anita

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Jenni said...

As a fan of the original 90210 series, I recall they filmed an episode where Nat takes Andrea and the guys to the track. I am pretty sure they filmed at Santa Anita as well.

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