Saturday, October 17, 2009

An Interview With Equidaily's Seth Merrow

While in Saratoga Springs for the International Simulcast Conference this week, I was fortunate to catch Equidaily Racing Journal publisher, Seth Merrow, for a quick interview. Merrow was a panelist for a conference session on social media in horse racing.

Although reticent to jump on the Facebook and Twitter bandwagons, Merrow called the Internet and horse racing a "good partnership." Blogs are now filling a void created by the downsizing of racing-related print media in recent years, according to Merrow. They are also able to offer a more personal, behind-the-scenes look at the world of racing.

Seth Merrow, EquidailySeth Merrow, Publisher of

When asked by a conference participant about standards of journalistic integrity for bloggers, he responded, "Blogging is no different than playing the piano. Some are virtuosos, some are horrible. And there's a middle ground."

Merrow's website gathers horse racing related articles, posts, videos, photographs, and breaking news worldwide and places them at your fingertips as easily accessed links. The site has become so popular, with everyone from racing executives to horse racing fans, that, when it comes to the latest scoop it's not unusual to hear, "I saw it on Equidaily."


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mary for another great interview. Equidaily has sure made things easy for racing fans

Anonymous said...

Equidaily is such a great resource for racing fans, and Mr. Merrow seems like a great guy.
Excellent interview, Mary!

Keith - TripleDeadHeat said...

Great interview. I met Seth at Saratoga on Woodward weekend and he's a top bloke.

Anytime he links to a story of mine on Equidaily the hits go through the roof.


Susan Kayne said...

EquiDaily is fabulous and Seth even better! Susan Kayne - Unbridled Racing

Anonymous said...

If only he did not filter his news with bias. Good stuff otherwise.

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