Monday, September 14, 2009

Dr. Larry Galuppo Speaks on Equine Stem Cell Research

At a veterinary seminar hosted by Thoroughbred Owners of California (TOC) at the Pleasanton Simulcast Facility in July, Dr. Larry Galuppo delivered an excellent presentation on equine stem cell research and new techniques in the areas of equine tendon and ligament repair, including soft tissue regeneration and joint therapy. Dr. Galuppo is an Associate Professor and Chief of Equine Surgery at U.C. Davis teaching equine surgery and lameness.

This video is part 1 of a 5-part series that I will be posting this week. For more information, visit the TOC website.

Watch Part 2 | Watch Part 3 | Watch Part 4 | Watch Part 5


D.S. Williamson said...

What a help this research could be horses. We've come a long way in the treatment of their broken bones. Everything Dr. Galuppo said made good sense. Thanks for sharing this cutting edge clip. D.S. Williamson

zraces said...

Excellent presentation. I look forward to more of this series.

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