Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Horses in Living Color: A Book Review

When I first opened this beautiful book, I could hardly wait to turn each page. A breathtaking collection of more than 175 full color photographs, it is a celebration of the endless variation of colors and patterns of the horse. But Livingston has captured much more than that. Whether they are frolicking in a field, working, or at rest, each picture seems to provide a glimpse into the very soul of the horse.

Barbara Livingston, recognized as one of horse racing's leading photographers, has twice won the Eclipse Award for Outstanding Photography. Horses: In Living Color is her fifth book and her first venture outside the world of Thoroughbred racing to pursue her passion for all varieties of equine subjects.

For this book, Livingston traveled across North America in search of the most unusual and uniquely colored equines, photographing horses ranging from paint-colored feral Assateague ponies to striking brindle warmbloods. She captured not only the colorful, but also the rare -- manes that nearly reach the ground, strikingly colored eyes, and unusual markings. Each photograph also reflects Livingston's obvious respect and love for the horse.

Horses: In Living Color
is definitely a book you will want to keep out on your coffee table to be looked at and enjoyed time and again. It is available at Amazon.com.


Linda - The Mane Point said...

Sounds nice! I'd love to review this one.

The Mane Point

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know ! - looking at such photos is enough to fill the mind with joy !

julie j. stewart said...

I agree - great minds think alike - I just posted a tiny mini review on facebook about how fabulous this book is!! Which pictures did you like best? I loved the white TBs at Emerald Downs at the end of the book....... j

Mary Forney's Blog said...

Julie, I just love the photo of the set of matching white yearlings -- a filly with light blue eyes and a colt with dark eyes. Just want to reach right into the photo and pet their noses!

Cialis said...

This book sounds incredible!

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