Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where on the Track is Carmen Santa Anita?

Find this statue... Win a Prize!

Meet Carmen Santa Anita, a six-inch tall, rather cheesy looking trophy horse. Carmen is somewhere at Santa Anita Racetrack just waiting to be spotted by one of my blog readers. The first person to find Carmen and contact me will win an admission pass for the rest of the current Winter-Spring meet, compliments of Santa Anita, the Great Race Place!

Carmen is placed in plain sight somewhere in the general admission area. Study the above photograph for the clues you need to find the little statue. If you find her, simply contact me in person at the TOC office at Santa Anita (near the racing office), or by email at to claim your prize.

Enjoy the hunt!

Santa Anita employees and their family members are ineligible to win this contest.


Sally said...

Dang I was planning on going there tomorrow and then on day 5 of 5 have to show up for jury duty. Cute contest idea, maybe I'll have a shot on Saturday!

Mary Forney's Blog said...

Sally, I'll let you know if no one finds it tomorrow! Sorry about your jury duty... hope it's over in one day!

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